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30 lb donut for single tank air cell.

Double sewed (Flat-Felled seams) outer cell for extreme durability and resistance.

Outer shell in X-NET®: Special made PVC-coated Polyester with Woven Thread. Excellent mechanical resistance and High Resistance to the wear and tear of the sun.
Inner bladder in Polyurethane Soltane F/B 400® (user interchangeable)

X-NET® Harness with reinforced sews
Fully adjustable harness with Soft Plexy Backplate
Compatible with Backplate and STA in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon fiber (optional)
(BackPlate and STA in Stainless steel = +4kg, Aluminum = +1.2 kg, Carbon fiber = +0.67kg)

D-Rings in AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Traditional piston inflator
Inflator hose with pipe and inner metal wire

2 Standard pockets on the front (2 extra pockets can be added)
2 Pockets for the Weights on the back

The BCD can be set to fit from XS to LXL

This BCD is Ready-to-Dive:
Quick connect LP hose
x2 50mm Brackets for Single tank

This BCD is Made in Italy, in DiveSystem

Strong points:
Overall resistance
Can be used with or without backplate
Lightness (when not used with metal backplate), about 2.5kg
High durability
High Resistance to the wear and tear of the sun