Dive System Tech Deep (voor dubbelset met stalen backplate)

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The first choice of all the Military Special Forces supplied by DiveSystem. Extremely Resistant and Adaptable the Tech Deep BCD can use all DiveSystem wing-style air cells (Donut and Horseshoe), Backplates (Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon), can be used for both Single and Double-tank, and for any kind of dive. From Technical to Recreational dive. The Best choice for any kind of diver.

Double sewed (Flat-Felled seams) outer cell for extreme durability and resistance. (27 lt as standard. Also Available in 20 lt, 22/35 lt, 40 lt or 40+40 lt)
Interchangeable air cell compatible with all DiveSystem wing-style air cell.
Outer shell in Cordura® 1000 (Kevlar® optional)
Inner bladder in Polyurethane Soltane F/B 400® (user interchangeable)
Full size technical Backplate in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon fiber
Single tank adapter (STA) in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon fiber

Harness in Cordura® 1000 deniers fully adjustable
D-Rings in AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Traditional piston inflator
Inflator hose with pipe and inner metal wire
3 Overpressure and exhaust valves

Included Accessories:
Plate pocket for surface marker buoy
2 Traditional pockets
2 Upside-down opening pockets (for weights)
1 Integrated Line Cutter

This BCD is Ready-to-Dive:
Quick connect LP hose
x2 50mm Brackets for Single and Double tank
Bungees Set for Air Cell (for Horseshoe style Wing)

Kevlar® version available (tegen meerprijs van €150)

This BCD is Made in Italy, in DiveSystem

De Divesystems tech deep is ook beschikbaar in andere backplates, zoals aluminium en carbon fiber (tegen meerprijs van €140).