Beuchat Power Jet vinnen

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Beuchat Adjustable Power Jet vinnen zijn vinnen met een hele fijne gelijkmatige kick. Ze geven veel gevoel en bewegen niet zwaar. Echt iedere keer een fijne vin. Er zijn 2 versies; Firm Flex voor experienced divers met wat meer been kracht In de kleur zwart rood en  Regular Flex voor duikers die een wat soepelere vin willen, in de kleur blauw en geel.

  • Flexible blades. Negative zone reduced by > 50%. 
  • Spring Effect and Spoon Effect 
  • Lightness and Comfort 
  • A high performance adjustable fin with a better Effort / Thrust ratio 
  • Choice of two powers of blades thanks to ribs of different stiffness: 
    • Grey ribs: Regular flex 
    • Red ribs: Firm flex 
  • Incomparable flexibility due to the lateral ribs integrated into a supple structure which generates a spring effect when kicking. 
  • Combination of three materials and of complementary technologies 
  • Malleable blade extremities to optimise the spoon effect and reduce turbulence. 
  • Large flexible blade inclined to create a "Whip" effect. 
  • Increased blade surface area for greater efficiency 
  • Integration of the blade into the foot pocket (right to the heel) for better transfer of the Foot / Blade push 
  • Flexible blades to reduce the surface of the negative zone and to channel the thrust without stiffening the entire fin. 
  • Foot pockets adapted to modern boots leading to greater comfort of use. 
  • Rotating attachment buckles, detachable and easily adjustable. 
  • Rubber strap with a gripping “ring”.• Supple guards on the edges of the blade 
  • Reinforced underneath the foot pockets 
  • Reduced weight due to its design mix between materials and architectural assembly