Seac wanted 1600

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Large knife “Made in Italy” with stainless steel blade featuring a built-in line cutter. Soft ergonomic grip in dual materials and sheath with a safety FWS closing system. Conventional blade with line-cutter notch and serrated blade. 


Seac proposes a line of knives, divers ample and full, catered to our every need. The martensitic stainless steel metal blades are cryogenically hardened in a controlled atmosphere and work with precise grinding razor type? Hollow grind?, Ensuring incomparable hardness, cutting capacity and penetration: a demanding choice in economic and productive, which characterizes the overall Seac strategic approach: to offer their divers always the best product in terms of functionality, quality and performance

  • CAPACITY OF PENETRATION : the particular configuration of the tip of the blade gives the knife some greater ability to penetrate materials.
  • CUTTING CAPACITY : the special grinding and the different profile of some knife blades to give greater ability to cut materials.
  • FLS SHEATH (FAST LOCKING SYSTEM) : Sheath new concept designed, developed and designed by the R & D Seac. Provides maximum safety and is extremely practical and functional in the drive.