Scubapro Litehawk

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De Scubapro Litehawk is het ultieme back inflation reisjacket. Het licht-gewicht ultra slimmed-down design en flexibele backplate zorgt ervoor dat het compact opgeborgen kan worden.
Het Buckle-style bevestigingssysteem op je buik zorgt ervoor dat jij jouw Scubapro Litehawk makkelijk aan en uit kan doen.
Daarnaast komt de Scubapro Litehawk uitgerust met twee basic assecoire pockets en vier D-ringen die ervoor zorgen dat jij jouw uitrusting kwijt kan.
  • Compact, lightweight design with soft backpack makes it perfect for dive travel.
  • Constructed of 420 denier nylon for lightweight and long-lasting durability.
  • Low-profile, progressively-shaped rear air cell increases range of motion while decreasing drag.
  • Tank band and strap system keeps tank secure and increases stability at depth.
  • Three dump deflation system lets you to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.
  • Adjustable belt-style waist strap with nylon buckle offers a snug fit for any body shape.
  • Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to optimize the routing of the padded shoulder straps to maximize fit.
  • Two basic accessory pockets are included.
  • Optional weight pockets are available.
  • Two rear trim pouches allow you to achieve a well-balanced swimming position.


Activity Recreational
Product Weight (M) 2.4 kg
Number of D-Rings 4
Lift Capacity 29.2 lbs
Lift Capacity (M) 13.2 kg
Backpack Type Flexible Soft Pack
Pocket Count 2
Marketing Product Type - BC Back-Inflated
Weight Integrated Optional
Back Trim Pockets 2